London Taiseer-un-Nikah Committee are proud to host the London Taaruf 2014.


With the Raza and Dua Mubarak of Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS) and under the umbrella of the International Taiseer-un-Nikah Committee, our purpose is to help Dawoodi Bohra shaadi laaiq farzando to find a "life partner".



Taaruf FAQ Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming taaruf in June:


1. When and where is the taaruf being held?


The London Taaruf 2014 will be held from 13th to 15th June 2014 at:


Al Masjid Al-Husaini

Mohammedi Park Masjid Complex

5 Rowdell Road

Northolt, Middlesex



2. Is there an age limit?


Yes, the lower age limit is 21 years old for female participants and 23 years old for male participants. There is no upper age limit.


3. I live outside London, can I attend?


Yes, the London Taaruf 2014 is open to ALL UK and International participants.


4. Is registration required?


Yes. Registration is ESSENTIAL so that we are aware of your interest, and so that we can evaluate your eligibility for an invitation. Invitations to the taaruf will only be sent to those people who register.


5. Will everyone who registers receive an invitation to attend?


No. After you register, you will receive an invitation only if we believe that we have suitable matches for you. If we are unable to issue an invitation to you, we request you to 'register you interest' for other events organised by London TNC. In the unlikely event that you are not selected, we will issue you with a FULL refund.


6. What is the programme of events?


The details are currently being finalized but rest assured it will be an enjoyable event where you will get a chance to meet people of your age from all over the world.


7. Is the event going to be similar to previous TNC taarufs?


Yes and No. We have had considerable experience from previous taarufs and have taken the feedback from these seriously. We have modified the programme to suit this. We have kept some of the elements and added a few. In essence, this is to ensure that all the participants will have ample time to get to know all the attendees in a non-pressured and friendly environment. We want the event to be fun and fruitful for you, and therefore we'll try our hardest to ensure it achieves its ultimate purpose.


8. Do I need to pay before I arrive?


Yes. The fee for the weekend event is £72. However, if you register before 18th May, you will be eligible for the Early Bird (Discount) Registration fee of only £53. Last minute registration (a week before the event) will be accepted at £92 depending on availability. Payment will be taken during the online registration. You will be able to pay by either credit/debit cards or by cheques drawn from a UK bank account at registration.


PAYING BY CHEQUE? Open the registration form then click on the link under the green "Register" button to "Show other payment options". Select "Pay Offline" and continue with registration. Please note, we will only process the registration upon receipt of your payment.


9. Will accommodation be provided?


Accommodation will be only be provided for participants from outside the UK over the duration of the event. International participants who decide to arrange private accommodation are kindly requested to notify us of their arrangements during registration.


10. Do I need to apply for my own visa?


If a visa is required to enter the United Kingdom then the visa application is the responsibility of each individual participant. Please ensure that you have a visa and an invitation to attend the taaruf before you purchase your flight ticket.


11. What if I do not have an e-Jamaat / ITS number?


Please contact your local jamaat to obtain your e-Jamaat / ITS number BEFORE registering.  If this is not possible, please email us at, with your particular query for e-Jamaat / ITS, giving us as much detail about yourself as possible.  We will then endeavour to help you out in every way possible but it may delay your registration, and you may have to end up paying the late fee. Please DO NOT register without your own valid e-Jamaat / ITS number or your registration may be rejected by the system.


12. Will the registration fee be refunded if I decide not to attend?


You will be able to cancel your registration up to 5 days prior to the event. If you decide to cancel, we will refund you the full amount minus a 10% administration fee. However, any participant who decides not show up for the event without any good reason or prior cancellation may NOT be eligible for a refund.


13. What is the dress code for the taaruf?


Casual khurti, pants and topi for men, and rida for women.




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Registration will be commence Sunday, 27th April 2014 from 9am, where you will be able to register and pay for the event.


Early Bird Registration fee - £53 only*


*The Early Bird Registration fee ends 18th MAY after which the Standard fee of £72 will apply.







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